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Source: Buddhist Door: GlossaryRight zeal or progress, unintermitting perseverance, suppressing the rising of evil states and stimulating good states, and to perfect those which have come to beings.Source: Shambala Publications: General

Right Effort has four aspects. The first effort has to do with pre­vention: making an effort through meditation to ensure that one does not yield to unwholesome thoughts and emotions, and trying to pre­vent these from arising in the mind. Unwholesome thoughts originate in attachment, aversion, and ignorance. The second effort is to reduce the unwholesome thoughts and emotions that have already arisen in the mind. The third effort is to develop wholesome thoughts and emotions, and this also is done in meditation. Even if they are not yet present, we should make an effort to arouse them. The fourth effort is to cultivate further those wholesome thoughts and emotions that have already risen in the mind.

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