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Sāmbina (साम्बिन) is the name of a river mentioned as lying on the southern boundary of Ki-icchitā, according to the “Prince of wales museum plates of Mummuṇirāja”. Accordingly, “... the village Ki-icchitā comprised in the viṣaya of Mandaraja, together with all hamlets and together with orchards, areca-nut trees and minerals, and with examption from taxes,—the boundaries of which are as follows: On the east, the boundary of (the village) Pāṇīvāḍa of the Śrīnera hill ; on the north, the boundary of the village Nīmbā; on the west, the boundary of the village Mātara; on the south, the boundary of the Sāmbina river”.

These copper plates (mentioing Sāmbina) were handed over to the Curator (Archaeological Section, Prince of Wales Museum, Bombay) by one Hasan Razak. Its object is to record the grant, by Mammuṇirāja, of the village Ki-icchitā (Mandaraja-viṣaya) to twelve Brāhmaṇas residing in the agrahāra of Brahmapurī. The grant was made on the occasion of a lunar eclipse which occurred on the fifteenth tithi of the bright fortnight of Bhādrapada in the Śaka year 971, the cyclic year being Virodhin.

Source: What is India: Inscriptions of the Śilāhāras
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