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1. Salla Sutta. The eighth sutta of the Mahavagga of the Sutta Nipata. Death is inevitable, lamenting is therefore useless (SN.vss.574 93). The sutta was preached in order to console a devout patron of the Buddha who, when his son died, starved for seven days (SNA.ii.457). The sutta is described (E.g., AA.i.326) as palivasena gandhiro.

2. Salla Sutta. See Sala Sutta.

3. Salla Sutta - A sutta quoted in the Sutta Sangaha (No.82) from the Itivuttaka (p.46) on the three varieties of feeling.

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Theravāda is a major branch of Buddhism having the the Pali canon (tipitaka) as their canonical literature, which includes the vinaya-pitaka (monastic rules), the sutta-pitaka (Buddhist sermons) and the abhidhamma-pitaka (philosophy and psychology).

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Salla, (nt.) (Vedic śalya, cp. śalākā) an arrow, dart M i. 429 (˚ŋ āharati to remove the a); ii. 216; S iv. 206; J i. 180; v. 49; Sn. 331, 767; Miln. 112; Vism. 503 (visa˚ sting of poison; cp. VbhA. 104 sallaŋ viya vitujjati); often metaphorically of the piercing sting of craving, evil, sorrow etc., e.g. antodosa˚ Miln. 323; taṇhā˚ S i. 40, 192; bhava˚ Dh. 351; rāga˚ DhA iii. 404; PvA. 230; soka˚ Sn. 985; Pv i. 86; KhA 153. Cp. also D ii. 283; Sn. 51, 334, 938; J i. 155; iii. 157; DhA iv. 70. At Nd1 59 seven such stings are given with rāga˚, dosa˚, moha˚, māna˚, diṭṭhi˚, soka˚, kathaṅkathā˚.—abhūḷha˚ one whose sting of craving or attachment is pulled out D ii. 283; Sn. 593; J iii. 390; Pv i. 87 etc. (see abbūḷha). ‹-› Cp. vi˚.

— katta (*kartṛ cp. Geiger P. Gr. § 90, 4) "one who works on the (poisoned) arrow, " i.e. a surgeon M i. 429; ii. 216; Sn. 562; It. 101; Miln. 110, 169; Vism. 136 (in simile); KhA 21 (id.). The Buddha is the best surgeon: Sn. 560; Miln. 215. — kattiya surgery D i. 12 (T. ˚ka); DA. i. 98. — bandhana at Th. 2, 347 take as salla+ bandhana "arrow & prison bond" (ThA. 242 different). — viddha pierced by an arrow Th. 1, 967; Sn. 331; cp. ruppati. — santhana removal of the sting Dh. 275 (=nimmathana abbāhana DhA iii. 404). (Page 699)

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Pali is the language of the Tipiṭaka, which is the sacred canon of Theravāda Buddhism and contains much of the Buddha’s speech. Closeley related to Sanskrit, both languages are used interchangeably between religions.

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