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The Sanskrit terms Ṛtusaṃgamana and Ṛtusaṅgamana can be transliterated into English as Rtusamgamana or Ritusamgamana or Rtusangamana or Ritusangamana, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

In Hinduism

Dharmashastra (religious law)

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Source: Shodhganga: Vaikhanasa Grhyasutra Bhasya (Critical Edition and Study)

Ṛtusaṃgamana (ऋतुसंगमन) refers to “sexual intercourse during the first ‘fertile period’ (ṛtu) of the married woman” (after the marriage rituals) and represents one of the eighteen bodily rituals (śārīraka-saṃskāras) mentioned in the Vaikhānasagṛhyasūtra (viz., vaikhānasa-gṛhya-sūtra) which belongs to the Taittirīya school of the Black Yajurveda (kṛṣṇayajurveda).—The original Gṛhyasūtra of Vaikhanāsa consists of eleven chapters or “praśnas”. Each praśna is subdivided into sub-divisions called “khaṇḍa”. But only the first seven chapters deal with actual Gṛhyasūtra section. Of these, the first three chapters dealing with the bodily rituals [viz., Ṛtusaṃgamana].

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Dharmashastra (धर्मशास्त्र, dharmaśāstra) contains the instructions (shastra) regarding religious conduct of livelihood (dharma), ceremonies, jurisprudence (study of law) and more. It is categorized as smriti, an important and authoritative selection of books dealing with the Hindu lifestyle.

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