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Alternative spellings of this word include Rathyachaya.

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Rathyacaya (रथ्यचय).—a team of horses.

Derivable forms: rathyacayaḥ (रथ्यचयः).

Rathyacaya is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms rathya and caya (चय).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Caya (चय).—m. (yaḥ) 1. An assemblage, a multitude. 2. A heap, a collection. 3. A mound of earth...
Rathyā.—(EI 19), a street. Note: rathyā is defined in the “Indian epigraphical glossary” as it ...
Ugracaya (उग्रचय).—m. (-yaḥ) Desire. E. ugra fierce, caya a heap.
Puṣpacaya (पुष्पचय).—m. (-yaḥ) 1. A quantity of flowers. 2. Gathering flowers. E. puṣpa and cay...
Śākhārathyā (शाखारथ्या).—f. (-thyā) A branch-road.
Āśmarathya (आश्मरथ्य).—Name of a teacher of ritual.Derivable forms: āśmarathyaḥ (आश्मरथ्यः).Āśm...
Haṭṭa-rathyā.—(EI 30), passage between rows of stalls in the market. Note: haṭṭa-rathyā is defi...
Bhasmacaya (भस्मचय).—a heap of ashes. Derivable forms: bhasmacayaḥ (भस्मचयः).Bhasmacaya is a Sa...
Rathyavirathya (रथ्यविरथ्य).—Name of Śiva.Derivable forms: rathyavirathyaḥ (रथ्यविरथ्यः).Rathya...
Rathyāpaṅkti (रथ्यापङ्क्ति).—a row of streets. Derivable forms: rathyāpaṅktiḥ (रथ्यापङ्क्तिः).R...
Rathyāmṛga (रथ्यामृग).—a dog.Derivable forms: rathyāmṛgaḥ (रथ्यामृगः).Rathyāmṛga is a Sanskrit ...
Rathyāmukha (रथ्यामुख).—entrance to a road. Derivable forms: rathyāmukham (रथ्यामुखम्).Rathyāmu...
Agnicaya (अग्निचय).—. arranging or keeping the sacred fire (agnyādhāna); चित्याग्निचित्ये च (ci...
Maṇika (मणिक).—n. (-kaṃ) A small water-jar, a pitcher. m. (-kaḥ) A jewel. E. maṇi the same, aff...
Rathika (रथिक).—m. (-kaḥ) The owner of a car, or one who rides in it. E. ratha, ṣṭhan aff.

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