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Raṇājira (रणाजिर).—a battle-field, arena.

Derivable forms: raṇājiram (रणाजिरम्).

Raṇājira is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms raṇa and ajira (अजिर).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary

Raṇājira (रणाजिर).—n.

(-raṃ) A field of battle. E. raṇa, and ajira a court.

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Shabda-Sagara Sanskrit-English Dictionary
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Raṇa (रण).—mn. (-ṇaḥ-ṇaṃ) War, battle. m. (-ṇaḥ) 1. Sound, noise. 2. The quill or bow of a lute...
Raṇaraṇa (रणरण).—n. (-ṇaṃ) Regret, anxiety, anxious regret, sorrow, of which the object is lost...
Ajira (अजिर).—n. (-raṃ) 1. A court or yard. 2. Air, wind. 3. The body. 4. An object of sense 5....
Raṇastambha (रणस्तम्भ).—m. (-mbhaḥ) 1. A trophy, a pillar, a monument of war. 2. A country, “Ch...
Raṇapaṇḍita (रणपण्डित).—m. (-taḥ) A warrior. E. raṇa, and paṇḍita learned.
Raṇāṅgaṇa (रणाङ्गण).—n. (-ṇaṃ) A field of battle. E. raṇa, and aṅgaṇa a court-yard.
Raṇotsāha (रणोत्साह).—m. (-haḥ) Prowess in battle. E. raṇa, and utsāha effort.
Raṇatūrya (रणतूर्य) or Raṇatūryya.—n. (-ryaṃ) A military drum. E. raṇa war, tūrya a musical ins...
Raṇavādya (रणवाद्य).—a military instrument of music. Derivable forms: raṇavādyam (रणवाद्यम्).Ra...
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Raṇaśūra (रणशूर).—a hero in war, warrior. Derivable forms: raṇaśūraḥ (रणशूरः).Raṇaśūra is a San...
Raṇaraṅga (रणरङ्ग).—m. (-ṅgaḥ) A battle-field.
Raṇaraṇaka (रणरणक).—m. (-kaḥ) 1. Anxiety, regret: see the last. 2. Love, desire. 3. Kama. E. ra...
Raṇaraṅka (रणरङ्क).—m. (-ṅkaḥ) The part of an elephant’s face between his tusks. E. raṇa, raṅka...
Vrajājira (व्रजाजिर).—n. (-raṃ) A cow-yard, a cattle-fold or pen. E. vraja, ajira a yard.

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