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In Hinduism

General definition (in Hinduism)

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Source: Shodhganga: Temples and cult of Sri Rama in Tamilnadu (h)

Puliyorai refers to “cooked-rice mixed with tamarind and salt” and represents a type of special food preparations to be offered to the deities on the different occasions, as prescribed in Pancaratra literature in the Tamil tradition.—Offering of water and food or tirtham and prasadam to the deities on the different occasions or specified hours of the day is an important item in the daily pujas. The holy water and food [viz., puliyorai], after they are offered to God, are distributed among the temple employees and also to the devotees who have gathered for the service.

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Tamil dictionary

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Source: DDSA: University of Madras: Tamil Lexicon

Puḷiyōrai (புளியோரை) [puḷi-ōrai] noun < idem. +. See புளியோதனம். [puliyothanam.] Local usage

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Tamil is an ancient language of India from the Dravidian family spoken by roughly 250 million people mainly in southern India and Sri Lanka.

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