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Source: Google Books: CRC World Dictionary (Latin names; Binomial nomenclature)

Psidium guajava L. is the name of a plant defined in various botanical sources. This page contains potential references in modern medicine, Ayurveda, and other local traditions or folk medicine. It has the following synonyms: Guajava pumila (Vahl) Kuntze, Guajava pumila Kuntze, Guajava pyrifera (L.) Kuntze, Guajava pyrifera Kuntze, Myrtus guajava (L.) Kuntze, Myrtus guajava Kuntze, Myrtus guajava var. pyrifera (L.) Kuntze, Psidium angustifolium Lam., Psidium aromaticum Blanco, nom. illeg., Psidium aromaticum Aubl., Psidium aromaticum D. Don ex O. Berg, Psidium aromaticum Descourt., Psidium cujavillus Burman f., Psidium cujavus L., Psidium fragrans Macfad., Psidium guajava var. cujavillum (Burman f.) Krug & Urb., Psidium guajava L. var. cujavillum Krug & Urb., Psidium guajava var. guajava, Psidium guajava var. minor Mattos, Psidium guava Griseb., Psidium guava Radd. ex Hemsley, nom. inval., Psidium guayava Raddi, Psidium guyava var. pomiferum (L.) Duthie, Psidium guyava var. pyriferum (L.) Duthie, Psidium igatemyense Barb. Rodr., Psidium igatemyensis Barb.Rodr., Psidium intermedium Zipp. ex Blume, Psidium pomiferum L., nom. illeg. superfl., Psidium prostratum O. Berg, Psidium pumilum Vahl, Psidium pumilum var. guadalupense DC., Psidium pyriferum L., nom. illeg., Psidium pyriferum var. glabrum Benth., Psidium sapidissimum Jacq., Psidium vulgare Rich., Syzygium ellipticum K. Schum. & Lauterb., Syzygium ellipticum Wall..

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