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Prometheus (Προμηθεύς) from Greek mythology.—Prometheus’s name, ‘forethought’, may originate a Greek misunderstanding of the Sanskrit word pramantha, the swastika, or fire-drill, which he had supposedly invented. The brothers Pramanthu and Manthu,who occur in the Bhagavata Purana, a Sanskrit epic, may be prototypes of Prometheus and Epimetheus (‘afterthought’).

(Source): The Greek Myths, Vol.1: Atlas and Prometheus

Prometheus, whose name has been traced to the Sanskrit pramantha (or “fire drill”). Learned men have therefore proved that the “beneficent Titan, who stole fire from heaven and bestowed it upon mankind as the richest of boons,” was originally nothing but the lightning (“the celestial drill which churns fire out of the clouds”); but the Greeks had so entirely forgotten this etymological meaning, that they interpreted his name as the “fore-thinker,” and considered him endowed with extraordinary prophetic powers.

(Source): Myths of Greece and Rome: Analysis of Myths

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