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Prathamotpanna (प्रथमोत्पन्न).—a. first-born.

Prathamotpanna is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms prathama and utpanna (उत्पन्न).

(Source): DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Prathama (प्रथम).—[prath-amac] (Nom. pl. m. prathame or prathamāḥ)1) First, foremost; मखांशभाजा...
Utpanna (उत्पन्न).—p. p.1) Born, produced, arisen.2) Risen, gone up.3) Acquired, gained.4) Effe...
Prathamapuruṣa (प्रथमपुरुष).—the first person (= third person according to the English system o...
Gūḍhotpanna (गूढोत्पन्न).—one of the 12 kinds of sons in Hindu-law; he is a son born secretly o...
Prathamaśruta (प्रथमश्रुत).—a. heard for the first time; न हि प्रथम- श्रुताच्छब्दात् कश्चिदर्थं...
Utpannādhikāra (उत्पन्नाधिकार).—remention, restatement; समाने पूर्ववत्त्वादुत्पन्ना- धिकारः स्...
Prathama-chepāṭi refers to “senior treasury officer ” and was a title used in the administratio...
pahilēṃ-prathama (पहिलें-प्रथम).—ad First of all; in the very first place.
Prathamavaiyākaraṇa (प्रथमवैयाकरण).—1) the most distinguished grammarian. 2) a beginner in gram...
Pahilem Prathama
pahilēṃ prathama (पहिलें प्रथम).—ad (An inelegant formation.) First of all; in the very first p...
Prathamaśrī (प्रथमश्री).—a. One who has just become rich or fortunate. Prathamaśrī is a Sanskri...
Prathamaja (प्रथमज).—a. 1) first-born. 2) original, primary. Prathamaja is a Sanskrit compound ...
Prathamasukṛta (प्रथमसुकृत).—former kindness or service.Derivable forms: prathamasukṛtam (प्रथम...
Tanamodicem Utpanna
taṇamōḍīcēṃ utpanna (तणमोडीचें उत्पन्न).—n The first produce of ground reduced under culture.
Himotpannā (हिमोत्पन्ना).—a kind of sugar. Himotpannā is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the ...

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