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In Hinduism

Natyashastra (theatrics and dramaturgy)

Source: Wisdom Library: Nāṭya-śāstra

Prārambha (प्रारम्भ, “beginning”) refers to one of the “five stages of the action” (avasthā) in a dramatic playwright (nāṭaka), according to the Nāṭyaśāstra chapter 21. It is also known by the name Ārambha. These actions represents a Hero’s striving towards the object. The fruits of these actions (phalayoga) relates to dharma (duty), kāma (enjoyment of pleasure) and artha (wealth).

The corresponding “means of attaining objects of the plot” (arthaprakṛti), is the Seed (bīja).

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Natyashastra (नाट्यशास्त्र, nāṭyaśāstra) refers to both the ancient Indian tradition (śāstra) of performing arts, (nāṭya, e.g., theatrics, drama, dance, music), as well as the name of a Sanskrit work dealing with these subjects. It also teaches the rules for composing dramatic plays (nataka) and poetic works (kavya).

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In Jainism

General definition (in Jainism)

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Source: Wisdom Library: Jainism

Prārambha (प्रारम्भ) refers to “indulgence” and is one of the twenty-four activities (kriyā) of sāmparāyika (transmigression-extending influx). Sāmparāyika is one two types of āsrava (influx) which represents the flow of karma particles towards the soul, which is due to the three activities: manoyoga ( activities of mind), kāyayoga ( activities of body) and vacanayoga (activities of speech).

Kriyā (‘activities’, such as prārambha) is a Sanskrit technical term defined in the Tattvārthasūtra (ancient authorative Jain scripture) from the 2nd century, which contains aphorisms dealing with philosophy and the nature of reality.

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Jainism is an Indian religion of Dharma whose doctrine revolves around harmlessness (ahimsa) towards every living being. The two major branches (Digambara and Svetambara) of Jainism stimulate self-control (or, shramana, ‘self-reliance’) and spiritual development through a path of peace for the soul to progess to the ultimate goal.

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Languages of India and abroad

Marathi-English dictionary

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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

prārambha (प्रारंभ).—m (S) A beginning or commencement.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English

prārambha (प्रारंभ).—m A beginning or commencement.

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Marathi is an Indo-European language having over 70 million native speakers people in (predominantly) Maharashtra India. Marathi, like many other Indo-Aryan languages, evolved from early forms of Prakrit, which itself is a subset of Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages of the world.

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Sanskrit dictionary

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Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary

Prārambha (प्रारम्भ).—

1) Beginning, commencement; प्रारम्भेऽपि त्रियामा तरुणयति निजं नीलिमानं वनेषु (prārambhe'pi triyāmā taruṇayati nijaṃ nīlimānaṃ vaneṣu) Māl.5.6; R.1.9;18.49.

2) An undertaking, deed, enterprize; फलानुमेयाः प्रारम्भाः संस्काराः प्राक्तना इव (phalānumeyāḥ prārambhāḥ saṃskārāḥ prāktanā iva) R.1.2.

Derivable forms: prārambhaḥ (प्रारम्भः).

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Shabda-Sagara Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Prārambha (प्रारम्भ).—m.

(-mbhaḥ) 1. Beginning. 2. An undertaking. E. pra and āṅ before, rabhi to begin, ghañ aff.

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Benfey Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Prārambha (प्रारम्भ).—i. e. pra-ā-rabh + a, m. Beginning, [Daśakumāracarita] in Chr. 191, 19.

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Cappeller Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Prārambha (प्रारम्भ).—[masculine] beginning, undertaking.

Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

Prārambha (प्रारम्भ):—[from prā-rabh] m. commencement, beginning, undertaking, enterprise, [Kāvya literature; Varāha-mihira; Purāṇa etc.]

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Sanskrit, also spelled संस्कृतम् (saṃskṛtam), is an ancient language of India commonly seen as the grandmother of the Indo-European language family (even English!). Closely allied with Prakrit and Pali, Sanskrit is more exhaustive in both grammar and terms and has the most extensive collection of literature in the world, greatly surpassing its sister-languages Greek and Latin.

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