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Vedanta (school of philosophy)

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Source: Hindupedia: Later Advaitins

Prakāśānanda Sarasvatī, c. 16th century CE, authored the Vedāntasiddhānta-muktāvalī, a treatise known for its exposition of dṛṣṭi-śṛṣṭi-vāda (creation simultaneous with cognition) as an empirical theory of causality within Advaita-Vedanta.

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Vedanta (वेदान्त, vedānta) refers to a school of orthodox Hindu philosophy (astika), drawing its subject-matter from the Upanishads. There are a number of sub-schools of Vedanta, however all of them expound on the basic teaching of the ultimate reality (brahman) and liberation (moksha) of the individual soul (atman).

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