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Pītāruṇa (पीतारुण).—a. yellowish-red.

-ṇaḥ the middle of day-break.

Pītāruṇa is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms pīta and aruṇa (अरुण).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Piṭa (पिट).—m. (-ṭaḥ) 1. A basket for holding grain, a sort of cupboard or granary made of bamb...
Pītāmbara (पीताम्बर).—1) an epithet of Viṣṇu; इति निगदितः प्रीतः पीताम्बरोपि तथाऽकरोत् (iti nig...
Aruṇodaya (अरुणोदय).—m. (-yaḥ) Break of day, dawn, the period preceding sun-set. E. aruṇa dawn,...
Gopita (गोपित).—a. Concealed, kept secret; विपत्तिं चिरगोपितम् (vipattiṃ ciragopitam) Rāj. T.5....
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Supīta (सुपीत).—n. (-taṃ) A carrot.
Aruṇāvaraja (अरुणावरज).—m. (-jaḥ) A name of Garuda. E. aruṇa, avara after, and ja born; the you...
Aruṇāgraja (अरुणाग्रज).—m. (-jaḥ) Garura, the bird of Vishnu. E. aruṇa, and agraja first born; ...
Pītacampaka (पीतचम्पक).—m. (-kaḥ) A lamp. E. pīta yellow, campaka a flower, and kan aff. of com...
Pītābdhi (पीताब्धि).—m. (-bdhiḥ) The Muni Agastya. E. pīta drank, (by whom,) and abdhi the ocea...
Pītapādā (पीतपादा).—f. (-dā) A small bird, the Maina, (Turdus salica.) E. pīta yellow, pāda a f...
Pītatuṇḍa (पीततुण्ड).—m. (-ṇḍaḥ) The taylor bird, (Sylvia sutoria.) pīta yellow, and tuṇḍa a be...
Aruṇalocana (अरुणलोचन).—m. (-naḥ) A pigeon. E. aruṇa, and locana the eye.
Aruṇopala (अरुणोपल).—m. (-laḥ) A ruby. E. aruṇa dark red, and upala a stone.

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