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Source: What is India: Epigraphia Indica volume XXXI (1955-56)

Piṇḍatāraka is the name of a sacred site, as mentioned in the “Ghūmlī plates of Bāṣkaladeva” (989 A. D.). Piṇḍatāraka seems to be the well-known holy place called Piṇḍāraka in the Mahābhārata and identified with modern Piṇḍārā on the Gulf of Kutch about seven miles north of Bhāṭiā, a station on the railway line between Jamnagar and Dwarka. There is a kuṇḍa near the temple at Piṇḍārā and this may be the Yajñavaṭa-tīrtha mentioned in the inscription.

Note: See Dey, Geographical Dictionary, s.v. ; “...near Golagar in Guzerat, sixteen miles to the east of Dwarka...”. The name also reminds us of the holy place called Piṇḍitakā-vaṭa in a Nasik inscription of the second century A. D. (Select Inscriptions, p. 161.)

This inscribed copper plate (mentioning Piṇḍatāraka) was found in the course of digging operations at Ghūmlī in the former Navanagar State. The date corresponds to the 22nd April, 989 A.D. and it records the grant of a village made by Rāṇaka Bāṣkaladeva surnamed Kuṃkumalola, for the merit of his parents, in favour of a Brāhmaṇa.

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