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In Hinduism

Natyashastra (theatrics and dramaturgy)

Source: Shodhganga: The significance of the mūla-beras (natya)

Pāvai-āṭal refers to a kind of dance that was practised in ancient Tamil society.—Caṅkam (Saṅgam) literature provides the information that the members of the royal family, along with the poets, practised the art of dancing. The dance forms referred to in Caṅkam literature are Pāvai-āṭal (dance bringing out the killing of the Asuras by Lakṣmī when she assumed the form of Kollippāvai), [... etc.]. The above references point to the fact that different dance forms existed and were prevalent in Tamil society during the Caṅkam period.

The Saṅgam (Caṅkam) literature is aptly regarded as the crown of Tamil literature. The ancient works, Pattupāṭṭu (a collection of ten ancient Tamil poems) and Eṭṭutokai (the eight anthologies of the Caṅkam period) give details about the art of dance in the Caṅkam period [mentioned, for example, Pāvai-āṭal].

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Natyashastra (नाट्यशास्त्र, nāṭyaśāstra) refers to both the ancient Indian tradition (shastra) of performing arts, (natya—theatrics, drama, dance, music), as well as the name of a Sanskrit work dealing with these subjects. It also teaches the rules for composing Dramatic plays (nataka), construction and performance of Theater, and Poetic works (kavya).

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