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Parayana Vagga, 1 Definition(s)


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General definition (in Buddhism)

Parayana Vagga

The fifth and last division of the Sutta Nipata (SN.vs.976ff). It consists of sixteen suttas preceded by an introduction of fifty six Vatthugatha. The Vatthugatha describe how Bavari first heard of the coming of the Buddha from a devotee and sent sixteen of his pupils to visit the Buddha and find out if his claims to Enlightenment were true. A description of the route taken by them is also given. The sixteen suttas give the questions asked by Bavaris disciples and the answers given by the Buddha. The Culla Nidesa comments on the sixteen suttas, but makes no mention of the Vatthugatha. Perhaps, at one time, the Khaggavisana Sutta was attached to the Parayana Vagga.

The Parayana Vagga is mentioned in the Anguttara Nikaya (A.i.133, 134; ii.45; iv.63) and in the Samyutta Nikaya (S.ii.49), which is evidence of its having been one of the oldest collections. The Parayanaka Samiti is among the incidents represented in the Maha Thupa (Mhv.xxx.84). It is said (E.g., AA.i.57) that at the end of the discourses contained in the Parayana Vagga, fourteen crores of beings realized nibbana.

Buddhaghosa says (AA.ii.717) that the Parayana was so called because it leads to nibbana (nibbanasahkhatam param ayanato Parayana ti laddhavoharam dhammam).

Parayana Sutta

The Buddha teaches the goal (parayana) and the path leading thereto. S.iv.373.

Source: Pali Kanon: Pali Proper Names

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