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Paranimmita Vasavatti Deva, 1 Definition(s)

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'heavenly beings with power over the productions of others', constitute a class of heavenly beings in the sensuous sphere (kāma-loka). Māra is said to be their ruler. Cf. loka, deva I.

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1a) Deva (देव).—The name of the 6th Kalpa.** Matsya-purāṇa 290. 4.1b) With fourteen faces...
Devadūta (देवदूत) refers to the “dwellers of heaven”; it is a Sanskrit technical...
Devayajña (देवयज्ञ):—According to Manusaṃhitā, performing of homa is called Devayajña ...
Deva Sutta
Deva, (Ved. deva, Idg. *deịā to shine (see dibba & diva), orig. adj. *deiǔos belonging to the s...
vasavattī : (adj.) wielding power; dominating.
Devāgāra (देवागार).—Abodes of the Devas; meddling with, was punished by death.** Matsya-p...
Devālaya (देवालय).—The homes of the nine planets;1 temples visited by Paraśurāma;2 see ...
Devakula (देवकुल).—Temples where dancing girls were entertained in service.** Matsya-purā...
Paranimmita Vasavatti
A class of devas, inhabitants of the highest stage of the sensuous universe (kama loka). Th...
Yāva deva
Yāva, (adv.) (Vedic yāvat as nt. of yāvant used as adv. in meanings 1 & 2. The final t is lost ...
Within Hinduism, an Ishta-deva (iṣṭa-deva(tā). lit "cherished divinity") is a term...
Hands that indicate the forms which accord with the character and actions of Brahmā and othe...
Yāma Deva
are a kind of heavenly beings of the sensuous world; s. deva.
Catu Mahārājika Deva
a class of heavenly beings of the sensuous sphere; s. deva.
Brahma Kāyika Deva
The 'heavenly beings of the Brahma-world' inhabit the first 3 heavens of the fine-material wor...

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