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parāgandā jamīna (परागंदा जमीन).—f Lands of an absentee who has lost the occupancy or tenure.

(Source): DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary
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jamīna (जमीन).—f Land or ground. The earth. A terrace, earthen floor, or made ground. jaminīsa ...
parāgandā (परागंदा).—a ind Vagrant; absconded. Dis- persed or scattered.
gavatī-jamīna (गवती-जमीन).—f Grass-land.
Maphi Jamina
māphī jamīna (माफी जमीन).—f ( H) Land free of assessment. It is distinguished into ajīṃ māphī &...
Hiravi Jamina
hiravī jamīna (हिरवी जमीन).—f C Land sown without having been previously burned.
Korala Jamina
kōrāḷa jamīna (कोराळ जमीन).—f Reddish and poor ground or soil (as found in the ḍāṅga &c.)
Gramadevaci Jamina
grāmadēvācī jamīna (ग्रामदेवाची जमीन).—f Lands granted to defray the expenses of ceremonies in ...
bharakāṭha-jamīna (भरकाठ-जमीन).—f Poor soil.
parāgadā-jamīna (परागदा-जमीन).—f Lands of an absentee who has lost the occupancy or tenure.
Nibhavani Jamina
nibhāvaṇī jāmīna (निभावणी जामीन).—m A security that land granted shall be duly cultivated.
1) Bhūmi (भूमि).—The earth. General. The Purāṇas maintain that Bhūmi has a Devī (goddess). The ...
Mālaka (मालक) is a name mentioned in the Mahābhārata (cf. VI.10.61) and represents one of the ...
pōṭajāmīna (पोटजामीन) [or pōṭācā jāmīna, or पोटाचा जामीन].—m A private surety; a surety taken b...
Śarāva (शराव).—[śaraṃ dadhyādisāramavati av-aṇ Tv.]1) A shallow dish, platter, an earthenware v...
Gahana (गहन).—a.1) Deep, dense, thick; वनान्निष्क्रम्य गहनाद्बहवः कुरुसैनिकाः (vanānniṣkramya g...

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