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Source: Archaeological Survey of India: Śaiva monuments at Paṭṭadakal

The temple dedicated to God Pāpanātha is the southernmost and little away from the group of temples at Pattadakal. Pāpanātha is a modern name given by the local people. Pāpanātha (Mūlasthānamahādeva) is built in the Karnāṭa-nāgara and Drāviḍa fusion style.—A number of records have been inscribed in this temple, but none reveals the ancient name of the deity. A stela dated 1071 A.D. in the time of Someśvara II and found near the temple refers to a deity called “Kisuvoḷala mūlasthānada Mahādeva” (inscr. 37, line 13). It may be the original name of the temple. Pāpanātha is a modern name for the Liṅga in the sanctum.

The temple of Pāpanātha represents a development of the experiments done previously in the main part of the site. It fuses drāviḍa and nāgara styles in a peculiar Karnāṭa style. Revaḍi Ovajja has here taken a lot of features in Kāśīviśvanātha and Galaganātha temples. He has used elements from the Lokeśvara temple. And he has produced a lot from his own imagination. We will see that this temple is the result of several stages of construction. He may have participated to the last campaign of construction.

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