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Pallavadru (पल्लवद्रु).—the Aśoka tree.

Derivable forms: pallavadruḥ (पल्लवद्रुः).

Pallavadru is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms pallava and dru (द्रु).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Śatadru (शतद्रु).—f. (-druḥ) The river Sutlej, which rises in the Himalaya mountains in the vic...
Drupada (द्रुपद).—(Saumaki,* Yajñasena). Father of Pāñcālī. Genealogy. Descended from Viṣṇu i...
Pañcapallava (पञ्चपल्लव).—n. (-vaṃ) The aggregate of five sprouts; vix. of the spondias, rose-a...
Piśācadru (पिशाचद्रु).—m. (-druḥ) A tree, (Trophis aspera.) E. piśāca a goblin, and dru a tree;...
Karapallava (करपल्लव).—1) a tender hand. 2) a finger. cf. °किसलय (kisalaya). Derivable forms: k...
Pītadru (पीतद्रु).—m. (-druḥ) 1. A sort of Curcuma, (C. zanthorrhizon.) 2. A species of pine, (...
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Pallavāda (पल्लवाद).—m. (-daḥ) A deer. E. pallava a shoot, ad to eat, aff. ac.
Vanapallava (वनपल्लव).—m. (-vaḥ) A tree, (Hyperanthera morunga, &c.) E. vana a wood, pallav...
Pallavāstra (पल्लवास्त्र).—m. (straḥ) Kamadeva E. pallava a sprout or bloosom, and astra a weap...
Drusallaka (द्रुसल्लक).—m. (-kaḥ) A tree, (Chironjia sapida.) E. dru a thing or substance, sall...
Vasantadru (वसन्तद्रु).—m. (-druḥ) The mango tree, (Mangifera Indica.) E. vasanta spring, and d...
Tucchadru (तुच्छद्रु).—m. (-druḥ) The castor-oil tree. E. tuccha empty, pithless, dru a tree; h...

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