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The Sanskrit term Pakṣirājamudrā can be transliterated into English as Paksirajamudra or Pakshirajamudra, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

In Hinduism

Pancaratra (worship of Nārāyaṇa)

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Source: Isvara Samhita Vol 5

Pakṣirājamudrā (पक्षिराजमुद्रा) or simply Pakṣirāja is the name of a mudrā described in the Īśvarasaṃhitā 39-42.—Accordingly, “O brahmin! the two hands fully stretched out are to be brought together at first. The ring finger shall be joined with the tips of the two thumbs from their roots. It shall be turned downwards to face the wrist. The pair of little fingers are to be closed there and clearly raised like the tail. This is the mudrā of the king of birds (Garuḍa), the great soul. This one mudrā is considered to be a common mudrā for all mantras. It shall be used together with the respective mantras.”.

Mūdra (eg., Pakṣirājamudrā) is so called as it gives joy to the tattvas in the form of karman for those who offer spotless worship, drive out the defects which move about within and without and sealing up of what is done.

Source: Catalogue of Pancaratra Agama Texts

Pakṣirājamudrā (पक्षिराजमुद्रा) is the name of a Ritual Hand-gesture (mudrā), discussed in the twenty-fourth chapter of the Īśvarasaṃhitā (printed edition), a Pāñcarātra work in 8200 verses and 24 chapters dealing with topics such as routines of temple worship, major and minor festivals, temple-building and initiation.—Description of the chapter [mudrā-lakṣaṇa-bhagavaddhyāna-ādi-prakāra]: Nārada tells how one prepares himself for the practice of mudrā-gestures—washing the hands with sandal-paste, doing certain exercises with the fingers, ritually touching the chest with the thumbs and forefingers of both hands, executing certain motions with the palms joined, etc. (3-11). Different mudrā-gestures are named and described (12-72): [e.g., pakṣirājamudrā (41a)] [...]

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Pancaratra (पाञ्चरात्र, pāñcarātra) represents a tradition of Hinduism where Narayana is revered and worshipped. Closeley related to Vaishnavism, the Pancaratra literature includes various Agamas and tantras incorporating many Vaishnava philosophies.

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