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Paḍe (ಪಡೆ):—

1) [verb] to get; to obtain; to secure; to acquire.

2) [verb] to receive (salary, wages, etc.) for one’s labor or service; to earn.

3) [verb] to get or deserve as a result of something one has done.

4) [verb] to gain (interest, etc.) as profit.

5) [verb] to receive or accept something (as a gift).

6) [verb] to have as determined by one’s deed in the past life or by fate.

7) [verb] to give birth to a child.

8) [verb] to cause to come into existence; to bring into being; to create.

9) [verb] to make available; to provide.

10) [verb] to win; to gain a victory.

11) [verb] to be or become able to.

12) [verb] to be or become available; to be got.

--- OR ---

Paḍe (ಪಡೆ):—

1) [noun] a large organised body of armed personnel trained for war; an army.

2) [noun] any group joined together in some activity (as of policemen, investigators, etc.); a battalion.

3) [noun] a group of persons (in gen.).

4) [noun] descendants from a common ancestor; a lineage.

--- OR ---

Paḍe (ಪಡೆ):—

1) [noun] a long, narrow cleft or crack in a rock or between two rocks.

2) [noun] a piece of stone that is flat, broad and fairly thick; a slab of stone.

3) [noun] a depression in the ground where water may get stagnated.

--- OR ---

Paḍe (ಪಡೆ):—[noun] a particular variety of soil.

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Pade (ಪದೆ):—

1) [verb] to desire,wish, long for.

2) [verb] to be or become enthusiastic.

3) [verb] to become tense, agitated or anxious.

4) [verb] to like; to be fond of.

5) [verb] to be delighted; to have pleasure.

6) [verb] to become charming, delightful, beautiful.

7) [verb] to increase in size; to develop; to grow oneself; to prosper.

8) [verb] to caused to grow, develop or prosper.

9) [verb] to have; to get.

10) [verb] to be expressed; to be made known; to be revealed.

11) [verb] to make an attempt; to try; to strive; to endeavour.

--- OR ---

Pāḍe (ಪಾಡೆ):—[noun] a water vessel, smaller than a ship, propelled with an oar or oars; a boat.

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Kannada is a Dravidian language (as opposed to the Indo-European language family) mainly spoken in the southwestern region of India.

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