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Paceli Vihara, 1 Definition(s)

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A monastery in Sonnagiripada, residence of Sonaka Thera, son of the hunter. MA.ii.887. See also Pipphali Vihara.

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Vihāra is the Sanskrit and Pali term for a Buddhist monastery. It originally meant “a ...
brahmavihāra : (m.) divine state of mind; a name collectively given to mettā, karuṇā, muditā, a...
Vihara Sutta
Vihāra, (fr. viharati) 1. (as m. & adj.) spending one’s time (sojourning or walking about), sta...
Dibba Vihara
s. vihāra.
Samudda Vihara
Samudda, (cp. Vedic samudra, fr. saṃ+udra, water) a (large) quantity of water, e.g. the Gaṅges;...
Kandara Vihara
Kandara, (Sk. kandara) — 1. a cave, grotto, generally, on the slope or at the foot of a mountai...
Pabbata Vihara
Pabbata, (Vedic parvata, fr. parvan, orig. knotty, rugged, massive) (1) a mountain (-range), hi...
Matula Vihara
Mātula, (cp. Epic Sk. mātula & semantically Lat. matruus, i.e. one who belongs to the mother) a...
Upasika Vihara
Upāsikā, see upāsaka; cp. payir°. (Page 150)
Kumbhila Vihara
Kumbhīla, (kuṃ+bhīra?) a crocodile (of the Gaṅges) J. I, 216, 278; DhA. I, 201; III, 362. —b...
Vaddha Vihara
1) Vaddha, 2 (m. & nt.) (cp. Vedic vardhra in meaning “tape”) a (leather) strap, thong J. II, 1...
Valli Vihara
Vallī, (f.) (cp. Sk. vallī; for etym. see valaya) 1. a climbing plant, a creeper Vin. III, 144...
Ariya Vihāra
s. vihāra.
Anupubba Vihāra
the 9 'successive abodes', are identical with the 9 anupubba-nirodha (s. above). In A.IX.33 t...
Mahallaka vihāra
Mahallaka, (adj. n.) (a distorted mah-ariyaka› ayyaka› allaka; cp. ayyaka) old, venerable, of ...

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