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Paccaya Sannissita Sīla, aka: Paccaya-sannissita-sila; 1 Definition(s)

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'morality consisting in the wise use of the monk's requisites'; s. sīla (4).

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1) Śila (शिल).—One of Danu's sons.** Vāyu-purāṇa 68. 5.2a) Śilā (शिला).—A R. from t...
Paccaya, (fr. paṭi+i, cp. Ved. pratyaya & P. pacceti, paṭicca) lit. resting on, falling back on...
Āsevana Paccaya
āsevana-paccaya, is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya).
Sannissita, (saṃ+nissita, cp. BSk. sanniśrita) based on, connected with, attached to Vism. 43, ...
pārisuddhisīla : (nt.) purity of livelihood.
Dānasīla—liberal disposition PvA.89; usually as adāna-sīla (adj.) of miserly characte...
Sila Sutta
Sīla, (nt.) (cp. Sk. śīla. It is interesting to note that the Dhtp puts down a root sīl in mean...
Sampayutta Paccaya
'condition of association', is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya).
The 4 kinds of morality consisting of purification (catupārisuddhi-sīla) are: pātimo...
Hāna Bhāgiya Sīla
h.-b.-samādhi, h.-b.-paññā: morality, concentration or wisdom connected with decline. The othe...
Paññatti Sīla
'prescribed morality', is a name for the disciplinary rules of the monk or layman prescribed by...
Pātimokkha Samvara Sīla
'morality consisting in restraint with regard to the Disciplinary Code' (Pātimokkha, s. prec.)....
Pakati Sīla
'natural or genuine morality', is distinct from those outward rules of conduct laid down for ei...
Aññāmañña Paccaya
'mutuality-condition,' is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya).
Pacchājāta Paccaya
'post-nascence-condition', is one of the 24 conditions (paccaya).

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