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Pabba, 3 Definition(s)

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Pabba, (nt.) (Ved. parvan) 1. a knot (of a stalk), joint, section Vin. IV, 35; M. I, 80; J. I, 245 (veḷu°); Vism. 358 (id.; but nāḷika p. 260); VbhA. 63 (id.); Th. 1, 243.—aṅgula° finger joint Vin. IV, 262, M. I, 187; DA. I, 285.—pabba-pabbaṃ knot for knot DhsA. 11.—2. the elbow S. IV, 171.—3. section, division, part Vism. 240 (14 sections of contemplation of the body or kāyagatāsati); VbhA. 275, 286.

—gaṇṭhi a knot Miln. 103. —valli a species of Dūrvā J. V, 69; —vāta intermittent ague Vin. I, 205. (Page 413)

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pabba : (nt.) knot of the stalk; joint; section; division. || paṇṇa (nt.) a leaf; a leaf for writing upon; a letter.

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N Part, chapter, section.

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