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Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary

nirvāṇacā (निर्वाणचा) [or निर्वाणींचा, nirvāṇīñcā].—a Reserved for, or appropriate to, the extremity or end (to the uttermost, highest degree, last stage &c.); as nirvā- ṇīñcā bāṇa (also, in poetry, nirvāṇabāṇa) Arrow viewed as one's last hope or dernière ressource; nirvāṇīñcā tārū Saviour in extremity; "helper in time of need;" (a name of God;) nirvāṇīñcā javāba Answer when it comes to the worst; and nirvāṇacā sōbatī or-mitra, nirvāṇīñcī mātrā or-ci- kitsā, nirvāṇacī vāṭa, nirvāṇacī śakti, nirvāṇīñcēṃ śastra &c. Applications such as nirvāṇīñcā kajjā-kaṭakaṭa- bhāṇḍaṇa-yuddha-bhāṣaṇa-javāba &c., and renderings such as Desperate, mortal, furious, violent, extravagant &c., or (as in nirvāṇaśabdēṃ tāḍilā || and in nirvāṇa- pathya-prāyaścitta-tapa-upōṣaṇa) such as Strict, stern, severe, austere, rigorous &c. are accommodate: the one pervading sense is EXTREME. 2 nirvāṇacā (not nirvāṇīñcā) is further Pertaining or relating to the extremity or end; as nirvāṇacā samaya-prasaṅga- avasara-kāḷa-vēḷa.

Source: DDSA: The Aryabhusan school dictionary, Marathi-English

nirvāṇacā (निर्वाणचा) [or nirvāṇīñcā, or निर्वाणींचा].—a Reserved for the extremity.

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