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Musikanagara (मुसिकनगर).—Hathigumpha inscription of Khāravela describes a city, the name of which is generally taken as Musikanagara. According to the inscription, the city was situated in the proximity to the river Kaṇhabennā, i.e., Krishna in the South. Dr. K.P. Jayaswal located the city of Musikanagara somewhere on the river Musi, near Golugonda in Andhra Pradesh, while Dr. R. D. Banerji identified it with Muziris. a famous port on the western coast. M. K. Dhivalikar has recently idemitied it with a tiny village Maski, on the river of the same name in the Lingsugur taluq, Raichur district, Mysore State. It is only about fifieen miles as the crow flies to the east of river Krishna. Musikanagara is known to be the capital of Musikas, which are mentioned in the Mahābhārata, as well as Mārkaṇḍeya-purāṇa. In the Mahābhārata, the Musikas arc coupled with the Vanavāsikas living in the region of Banawasi.

Source: Geography in Ancient Indian inscriptions
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