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In Hinduism

Ganapatya (worship of Ganesha)

Source: Ashtavinayak (8 temples of Ganesha)

Mouse refers to a symbol of Ganesha.—Ganesha’s awkward and obese physical form reminds us that the beauty of the outer form has nothing to do with the inner beauty and spiritual perfection of Ganesha. The mouse indicates the equal importance of the largest and the smallest being in the eyes of the Supreme God.

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Ganapatya (गाणपत्य, gāṇapatya) represents a tradition of Hinduism where Ganesha is revered and worshipped as the prime deity (ishta-devata). Being a minor though influential movement, Ganapatya evovled, llike Shaktism and Shaivism, as a separate movement leaving behind a large body of literature.

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