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Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

mokkha : (m.) release; freedom; deliverance; the final release.

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

1) Mokkha, 2 (adj.) (fr. mukha 6; Vṛddhi form=*maukhya) the headmost, first, foremost, in series aggo seṭṭho m. uttamo A. II, 95, where the customary tradition reads pāmokkha (see under mahā & cp. Nd2 502A). (Page 541)

2) Mokkha, 1 (late Vedic & Epic Sk. mokṣa, fr. muc, see muñcati. Dhtp 539 mokkha=mocana; Dhtm 751= moca) 1. (lit.) release, freedom from, in bandhanā m. D. I, 73=M. I, 276.—2. (fig.) release, deliverance, salvation Vbh. 426 (jarā-maraṇa° from old age & death); DhA. I, 4 (°magga+sagga-magga, the way to heaven & salvation), 89, 90 (°dhamma=salvation) Mhvs 5, 61.—3. (lit.) (act.) letting loose, emission, uttering (of speech) J. I, 375.—4. it may (& prob. ought to) be taken as adj. (=*mokṣya, grd. of Caus. of muc) at Sn. 773 (añña°, either=1, as “deliverance for others, ” or=4, as “to be delivered by others. ” Bdhgh at SnA 516 gives both explanations: aññe mocetuṃ (na) sakkonti, kāraṇa-vacanaṃ vā etaṃ: aññena mocetabbā (na) honti). (Page 541)

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