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Miśraka, aka: Mishraka; 1 Definition(s)


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The Sanskrit term Miśraka can be transliterated into English as Mishraka or Misraka, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

In Hinduism

Vāstuśāstra (architecture)

Miśraka (मिश्रक):—The Sanskrit name for a group of temples (prāsāda) containing 9 unique varieties. It is described in the 11th-century Samarāṅgaṇasūtradhāra (chapter 56) by Bhojadeva.

The Miśraka group contains the following twenty-five temple classifications:

  1. Subhadra,
  2. Yokiṭa,
  3. Sarvatobhadra,
  4. Siṃhakesarī,
  5. Citrakūṭa,
  6. Dharādhara,
  7. Tilaka,
  8. Svatilaka,
  9. Sarvāṅgasundara.

These are the names of 9 out of a total of 64 temple types mentioned in same chapter.

Source: Wisdom Library: Vāstu-śāstra

about this context:

Vāstuśāstra (वास्तुशास्त्र, vastu-shastra) refers to the knowledge of architecture. It is a branch of ancient Indian science dealing with topics such architecture, construction, sculpture and their relation with the cosmic universe.

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