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Purana and Itihasa (epic history)

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Source: Shiva Purana - English Translation

Meghavāhanakalpa (मेघवाहनकल्प) is the name of a Kalpa, during which Guṇanidha was made Lord of Alakā (viz., Kubera), as mentioned in the Śivapurāṇa 2.1.19.—“[...] when that Kalpa [viz., Pādmakalpa] was over and the Meghavāhana Kalpa had started, the son of Yajñadatta [viz., Guṇanidhi], Śrīda, performed a severe penance. Realising the efficacy of devotion to Śiva accruing from the mere illumination (of his temple) with lamps, he reached Kāśī for the illumination of his thought [...]”.

Source: Linga Purana

Meghavāhanakalpa (मेघवाहनकल्प) is the name of a Kalpa, during which Viṣṇu assumed the form of a cloud, as mentioned in the Liṅgapurāṇa chapter 2.8.—“[...] formerly, in the Meghavāhana-kalpa of Brahmā the great Ātman, in the third Manvantara, in the Tretā-yuga there was a certain powerful brahmin Dhundhumūka. That kalpa is called Meghavāhana because Viṣṇu the lord of Devas assumed the form of a cloud and performed penance in propitiation of Mahādeva, the hide-clad lord, Rudra. Thanks to his high reverence for Rudra, he performed penance leaving off the intake and expiration of even breath. He was overwhelmed and dejected due to too much of burden. He submitted his problem to the blue-necked lord. The lotus-eyed lord performed penance and as a result acquired wonderful strength from Śaṅkara the great Ātman”.

Source: Hindu Scriptures: Linga Mahapurana

Meghavāhanakalpa (मेघवाहनकल्प)is the name of a kalpa, during which Viṣṇu was turned into a huge cloud for thousands of years, as mentioned in the Liṅgapurāṇa chapter 1.37.—[...] during the Meghavāhana-kalpa, Viṣṇu—the lord of the universe, was turned into a huge cloud for thousands of years. Lord Mahādeva, taking into consideration the deep devotion of lord Viṣṇu towards himself, created Brahmā and entrusted to him the responsibility of creating the universe. Because of that, the related kalpa came to be known as the Meghavāhana-kalpa. Visualising his origin from the body of Maheśvara, he reached before Śiva and said—‘O master, Viṣṇu has been born out of your left side, while I have been born out of your right side’. [...]”.

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