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Mānadharapaiya (fl. 1024 A.D.) is mentioned in the “Bhoighar plates of Chittaraja”. Accordingly, “... (This has been) engraved on the copper plates by Mānadharapaiya, the son of Vedapaiya”.

These copper plates (mentioning Mānadharapaiya) were found by Mr. Natu while digging in his orchard at Bhoighar in the former Janjirā State (now Muruḍ Mahāl of the Kolābā District). It records the vyavasthā (settlement) in respect of the orchards at the villages Karadāṇḍa and Kolapallikā in the viṣaya of Pāṇāḍa. It is dated in the Śaka year 946, Śaka saṃvat, 946, Bhādrapada va. di. 13.

Source: What is India: Inscriptions of the Śilāhāras
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