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Mahadgada (महद्गद).—fever.

Derivable forms: mahadgadaḥ (महद्गदः).

Mahadgada is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms mahat and gada (गद).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Gadāgada (गदागद).—m. (always dual -dau) The two physicians of Swarga, the sons of Aswini by Sur...
Mahat (महत्).—a. [mah-ati] (compar. mahīyas; superl. mahiṣṭha; nom. mahān, mahāntau, mahāntaḥ; ...
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Mahadāśā (महदाशा).—a high hope; महदाशापूर्णमानसः (mahadāśāpūrṇamānasaḥ) Dk.1.3. Mahadāśā is a S...
Gaḍalavaṇa (गडलवण).—n. (-ṇaṃ) Rock or fossile salt, especially that found in the district of Sa...
Gadāmbara (गदाम्बर).—m. (-raḥ) A cloud. E. gada sound, ambara the sky.
Mahāgada (महागद).—m. (-daḥ) Fever. E. mahā and gada sickness.
Gadāgraja (गदाग्रज).—m. (-jaḥ) A name of Vishnu or Krishna E. gada, and agraja an elder brother...
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Gaḍottha (गडोत्थ).—rock or fossil salt, especially that found in the district called गड (gaḍa)....
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kāmācā gāḍā (कामाचा गाडा).—m (A work-cart.) A term for a hard-working, or all-working, or ever-...
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