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In Hinduism

Vaishnavism (Vaishava dharma)

Source: Pure Bhakti: Bhajana-rahasya - 2nd Edition

Mahābhāva (महाभाव) refers to:—This highest stage of prema follows the stages of sneha, māna, pranaya, rāga and anurāga, and manifests when anurāga reaches a special state of intensity. (cf. Glossary page from Bhajana-Rahasya).

Source: Pure Bhakti: Jaiva-dharma

Mahābhāva (महाभाव) is the ultimate limit of all Bhāvas, according to a discussion between Vijaya Kumāra and Śrī Gopāla Guru Gosvāmī.—Mahābhāva is extremely rare, even in the mahiṣīs headed by Rukmiṇī. It is only experienced by the vraja-devīs headed by Śrī Rādhā. [...] Mahābhāva, which is the embodiment of the highest nectar, attracts the heart and causes it to attain its own intrinsic nature. There are two types of Mahābhāva: rūḍha and adhirūḍha. Rūḍha-mahābhāva is the stage in which all the sāttvika- bhāvas are manifest in the uddīpta condition. [...] Adhirūḍha-mahābhāva is the mood in which all the anubhāvas that are manifested in resolute mahābhāva attain special characteristics that are even more astonishing than those anubhāvas in their normal forms.

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Vaishnava (वैष्णव, vaiṣṇava) or vaishnavism (vaiṣṇavism) represents a tradition of Hinduism worshipping Vishnu as the supreme Lord. Similar to the Shaktism and Shaivism traditions, Vaishnavism also developed as an individual movement, famous for its exposition of the dashavatara (‘ten avatars of Vishnu’).

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