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Source: What is India: Inscriptions of the Śilāhāras

Mādhaveśvara is the name of a deity, whose temple has been constructed by the architect Mādirājayya, according to the “Miraj stone inscription of Vijayaditya”. Accordingly, “... granted the following dues for the offerings in worship of the divine Mādhaveśvara, (whose temple) has been constructed by Mādirājayya, the Mahāprabhu of Seḍambāl...”

This stone inscription (mentioning Mādhaveśvara) was found on a slab built into the wall in the gateway of the fort of Miraj in the present Sānglī District of Mahārāṣṭra. It records that certain merchants who were foremost in the Trading Corporation of the Vīra-Baṇañjas assembled at Seḍambāl as the General Body and donated certain dues on commodities in favour of the god Mādhaveśvara. It is dated on Friday, the sixth Tithip of the bright fortnight of Bhādrapada in the Śaka year 1065, the cyclic year being Dundubhi.

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