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Mṛgāvatī, aka: Mrigavati; 2 Definition(s)

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Mṛgāvatī (मृगावती) is the daughter of King Kṛtavarman, according to the Kathāsaritsāgara, chapter 9. Mṛgāvatī is an incarnation of the apsara named Alambuṣā, who got cursed by Indra to be born as a moral human being, after falling in love with the vasu named Vidhūma. Mṛgāvatī became the wife of Sahasrānīka, and she gave birth to a son named Udayana, while staying in the hermitage of Jamadagni.

The Kathāsaritsāgara (‘ocean of streams of story’) is a famous Sanskrit epic story revolving around prince Naravāhanadatta’s quest to become the emperor of the Vidhyādharas. The work is said to have been an adaptation of Guṇāḍhya’s Bṛhatkathā consisting of 100,000 verses, which in turn is part of a larger work containing 700,000 verses.

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Mṛgāvatī (मृगावती).—A Goddess enshrined at Yamunā.*

  • * Matsya-purāṇa 13. 40.
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