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Māheśvarabala, aka: Maheshvara-Bala; 1 Definition(s)

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Māheśvarabala (माहेश्वरबल).—The Mahāyogam of Śiva; the origin of Linga.*

  • * Brahmāṇḍa-purāṇa II. 26. 65.
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Balā (बला) is the name of a mind-born ‘divine mother’ (mātṛ), created for the pu...
Maheśvara (महेश्वर) is mentioned in as the “chief of things animate and inanimate&rdqu...
Tathāgata Bala
tathāgata-bala : (nt.) the supreme intellectual power of the Tathāgata.
Balakāya:—A great crowd Sn. p. 105; DhA. I, 193, 398.
Kāyabala:—Physical strength PvA. 30;
Bālāsana (बालासन, “child’s posture”) is a Sanskrit word referring to a typ...
Patisankhāna-bala (“power of reflection”).
Bhāvanā Bala
s. patisankhāna-bala.
Mitrabala (मित्रबल) is a Sanskrit technical term, used in warfare, referring to “force...
Dasa Tathāgata Bala
'the ten powers (of a Perfect One); or, he who Possesses the 10 P.', i.e. the Buddha. About ...
Maheśvarakhaṇḍa (महेश्वरखण्ड):—The Maheśvara-khaṇḍa of the Skandapurāṇa consists of th...
Bālacaturbhadrā (बालचतुर्भद्रा) is a medicinal formulation (of the cūrṇa type, ‘powder...
Bhṛtakabala (भृतकबल) is a Sanskrit technical term, used in warfare, referring to “merc...
Baladurga (बलदुर्ग) or Nṛdurga is that line of defence which consists in the dispositions of...
Maheśvarāstra (महेश्वरास्त्र) is a Sanskrit word for a weapon used in Purāṇic literature, su...

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