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The Sanskrit term Lomaśamārjāra can be transliterated into English as Lomasamarjara or Lomashamarjara, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

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Lomaśamārjāra (लोमशमार्जार).—the civet-cat.

Derivable forms: lomaśamārjāraḥ (लोमशमार्जारः).

Lomaśamārjāra is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms lomaśa and mārjāra (मार्जार).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Lomaśa (लोमश).—mfn. (-śaḥ-śā-śaṃ) 1. Hairy, covered with or made of hair. 2. Woollen. m. (-śaḥ)...
Mārjāra (मार्जार, “cat”) represents an incarnation destination of the tiryaggati (animal realm)...
Jalamārjāra (जलमार्जार).—m. (-raḥ) An otter. E. jala water, and mārjāra a cat.
Gandhamārjāra (गन्धमार्जार).—the civet cat. Derivable forms: gandhamārjāraḥ (गन्धमार्जारः).Gand...
Lomaśakarṇa (लोमशकर्ण).—a species of animal living in holes. Derivable forms: lomaśakarṇaḥ (लोम...
Lomasa Vangisa
Lomasa, (adj.) (cp. Vedic romaśa) hairy, covered with hair, downy, soft M. I, 305; Pv. I, 92. ...
Mārjāraliṅgin (मार्जारलिङ्गिन्).—having the nature of a cat; ये च बकव्रतिनो विप्रा ये च मार्जार...
Mārjārakarṇikā (मार्जारकर्णिका).—Name of Chāmuṇḍā. Mārjārakarṇikā is a Sanskrit compound consis...
Mārjārottānāsana (मार्जारोत्तानासन) is a type of posture (āsana), according to verse 82 of the ...
Mārjārakarṇī (मार्जारकर्णी).—Name of Chāmuṇḍā. Mārjārakarṇī is a Sanskrit compound consisting o...
Mārjārakaṇṭha (मार्जारकण्ठ).—a peacock. Derivable forms: mārjārakaṇṭhaḥ (मार्जारकण्ठः).Mārjārak...
Taptalomaśa (तप्तलोमश).—green vitriol. Derivable forms: taptalomaśaḥ (तप्तलोमशः).Taptalomaśa is...
Haṃsalomaśa (हंसलोमश).—green sulphate of iron. Derivable forms: haṃsalomaśam (हंसलोमशम्).Haṃsal...
Mārjārakaraṇa (मार्जारकरण).—a kind of coitus or mode of sexual enjoyment. Derivable forms: mārj...
Mārjāranyāya (मार्जारन्याय).—a kind of doctrine held by a Vaiṣṇava sect. Derivable forms: mārjā...

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