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Alternative spellings of this word include Lochananchala.

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Locanāñcala (लोचनाञ्चल).—a corner of the eye.

Derivable forms: locanāñcalaḥ (लोचनाञ्चलः).

Locanāñcala is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms locana and añcala (अञ्चल).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Sulocana (सुलोचन).—mfn. (-naḥ-nā-naṃ) Fine-eyed. m. (-naḥ) 1. A deer. 2. Duryo4Dhana. f. (-nā) ...
Trilocana (त्रिलोचन).—mfn. (-naḥ-nī-naṃ) Tri-ocular, three-eyed. m. (-naḥ) A name of Siva. f. (...
Locanā (लोचना).—n. of a goddess (= Buddhalocanā, Rocanī): Sādh 18.13 etc.
Añcala (अञ्चल).—m. (-laḥ) The end or border of a cloth, veil, shawl, &c. E. añca to go, and...
Dhūmralocana (धूम्रलोचन).—m. (-naḥ) A pigeon. E. dhūmra dark, locana the eye.
Vaṃśalocanā (वंशलोचना).—f. (-nā) The manna of the bamboo: see the last.
Śatalocana (शतलोचन).—A warrior of Subrahmaṇya. (Śalya Parva, Chapter 45, Verse 60).
Taralalocanā (तरललोचना).—f. (-nā) A woman with rolling or tremulous eyes. E. tarala trembling, ...
Phullalocana (फुल्ललोचन).—mfn. (-naḥ-nā-naṃ) 1. Full-eyed. 2. Looking pleased or happy. n. (-na...
Lokalocana (लोकलोचन).—m. (-naḥ) The sun. E. loka the world, and locana the eye.
Jalāñcala (जलाञ्चल).—n. (-laṃ) A natural water-course or channel. 2. A plant, (Vallisneria.) E....
Locanamārga (लोचनमार्ग).—m. (-rgaḥ) The range of the eyes.
Stabdhalocana (स्तब्धलोचन).—Adj. Having fixed or unwinking eyes, (as an, epithet of gods.)
Locanahitā (लोचनहिता).—f. (-tā) Blue vitriol. “tuṃ~ta iti bhāṣā .”
Meṣalocana (मेषलोचन).—Cassia Thora (Mar. ṭākaḷā). Derivable forms: meṣalocanaḥ (मेषलोचनः).Meṣal...

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