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Source: Bhadramaṇḍalas: Invoking Divinities in Smārta Ritual

Liṅgatobhadra (लिङ्गतोभद्र).—In addition the constituents of the sarvatobhadra, the lingatobhadras, a category of bhadramandalas employed in vratas connected with deities of the Shaiva tradition, contain one or more phallic symbols of Shiva (linga). In these mandalas each shivalinga is black in colour and mounted on a pedestal (pithika) in the form of the female organ (yoni). Such lingas are prevalent in later Shaiva and Shakta worshipm where they are known as yonilingas.

The term lingatobhadra (“auspicious because of a linga/lingas”) is derived analogically from the term sarvatobhadra and used synonymously with lingasamudbhava, “(auspicious[ness]) arisen from a linga/from lingas”. The mandalas in this subcategory are named after the number of Shivalingas they depict, ranging from one to the ausipcious number 1,008.

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Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Monier-Williams Sanskrit-English Dictionary

1) Liṅgatobhadra (लिङ्गतोभद्र):—[=liṅga-to-bhadra] [from liṅga-tas > liṅga > liṅg] n. a [particular] magical circle, [Catalogue(s)]

2) [v.s. ...] Name of [work]

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