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Linen or Flax refers to a textile that was actively produced and exported in ancient India.—By the time trade with the Roman Empire reached its peak, India was a major exporter of textiles (eg., Linen), specially cotton and silk. India produced large quantities of coarser but very useful fabrics from fibres such as flax or linen (kṣauma, a plant widely cultivated for its linseed oil),

Source: Knowledge Traditions & Practices of India: Other Technologies: A Survey
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Kṣauma (क्षौम).—mfn. (-maḥ-mī-maṃ) Linen, made of linen, coverd with it, &c. f. (-mī) Lin o...
khōmā (खोमा).—m A dint or bruise (as on a metal vessel).
Sāṇa (‘imperfect’) is a rare word. According to the Commentary of the Saṃyutta, it means, etymo...
Dardura (दर्दुर) or Dadrula or Dardara or Dardula or Dradula.—adj. (all these spellings recorde...
Vikalpa (विकल्प) refers to one of the 93 alaṃkāras (“figures of speech”) mentioned by Cirañjīva...
Aṭṭa (अट्ट).—m. (-ṭṭa) 1. A room on the top of the house; but it is also appliccable to other s...
Apāmārga (अपामार्ग).—m. (-rgaḥ) A plant, (Achyranthes aspera.) E. apa, mṛja to clean, with āṅ p...
Veṣṭaka (वेष्टक).—mfn. (-kaḥ-kā-kaṃ) Surrounding, a surrounder, that which encompasses or enclo...
Adhyayana (अध्ययन) is a title given to certain Brāhmaṇas attending or assisting upacāras and ar...
kintāna (किंतान).—n A sort of hempen cloth or linen.
Sukhuma (सुखुम).—adj. (= Pali id., AMg. suhuma; compare su- khama and § 3.114; MIndic for Sansk...
Bhāṅgaka (भाङ्गक).—m. (-kaḥ) A ragged cloth.
Chita (छित).—a. See छात (chāta).
Khomadussa (खोमदुस्स) is the name of ancient Śākya village in the vicinity of Kapilavatthu: an ...
rōja (रोज).—m A day. Wages for a day. ad Daily.--- OR --- rōjā (रोजा).—m Fast; religious abstin...

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