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Lambajaṭhara (लम्बजठर).—a. pot-bellied, portly.

Lambajaṭhara is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms lamba and jaṭhara (जठर).

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Jaṭhara (जठर).—mfn. (-raḥ-rā-raṃ) 1. Hard, firm. 2. Bound, tied. mn. (-raḥ-raṃ) The belly. E. j...
Lambā (लम्बा).—A daughter of Dakṣaprajāpati. Asiknī wife of Dakṣaprajāpati got a hundred daught...
Jaṭharāgni (जठराग्नि).—the digestive fire of the stomach, the gastric fluid; पञ्चाग्नेस्तस्य चा...
Lambodara (लम्बोदर).—m. (-raḥ) 1. A name of Ganesa. 2. A glutton. E. lamba large, and udara the...
Lambakarṇa (लम्बकर्ण).—m. (-rṇaḥ) 1. A goat. 2. An elephant. 3. A goblin or Rakshasa. 4. A tree...
lambamāna (लंबमान).—p pr S Depending or hanging down, pendent.
Lambapayodharā (लम्बपयोधरा).—A follower of Subrahmaṇya (Śloka 21, Chapter 46, Śalya Parva)
Lambajyā (लम्बज्या).—The R sine of the colatitude. Note: Lambajyā is a Sanskrit technical term ...
Antarjaṭhara (अन्तर्जठर).—the stomach. (ind.) in the stomach. Derivable forms: antarjaṭharam (अ...
Jaṭharajvālā (जठरज्वाला).—f. (-lā) Belly-ache, colic, enteritis. E. jaṭhara, and jvālā burning.
Samalamba (समलम्ब).—(or samānalamba) A quadrilateral with the altitudes equal; trapezium. Note:...
Adholamba (अधोलम्ब).—m. (-mba) A perpendicular. E. adhas below, lamba a straight line.
Antarlamba (अन्तर्लम्ब).—a. acute-angular. -baḥ an acute-angled triangle (opp. bahirlamba) (the...
Lambā-paṭaha.—(EI 12), a kind of drum. Note: lambā-paṭaha is defined in the “Indian epigraphica...
Lambasphic (लम्बस्फिच्).—a. having fat or protuberant buttocks.Lambasphic is a Sanskrit compoun...

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