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Kushapatra, aka: Kuśapatra, Kusha-patra; 1 Definition(s)


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The Sanskrit term Kuśapatra can be transliterated into English as Kusapatra or Kushapatra, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

In Hinduism

Dhanurveda (science of warfare)

Kuśapatra (कुशपत्र) refers to a kind of a sharp weapon. It is a Sanskrit word defined in the Dhanurveda-saṃhitā, which contains a list of no less than 117 weapons. The Dhanurveda-saṃhitā is said to have been composed by the sage Vasiṣṭha, who in turn transmitted it trough a tradition of sages, which can eventually be traced to Śiva and Brahmā.

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Dhanurveda (धनुर्वेद) refers to the “knowledge of warfare” and, as an upaveda, is associated with the Ṛgveda. It contains instructions on warfare, archery and ancient Indian martial arts, dating back to the 2nd-3rd millennium BCE.

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kuśa (कुश).—m n (S) Sacrificial grass, Poa cynosuroides.--- OR --- kusā (कुसा).—m A hand-implem...
patra (पत्र).—n A letter, note, epistle. A written paper or deed. A leaf. A petal of a flower. ...
Kuśadvīpa (कुशद्वीप) refers to one of the seven continents (saptadvīpa) situated within the wor...
śuddhipatra (शुद्धिपत्र).—n A sheet of errata.
ājñāpatra (आज्ञापत्र).—n A written order, an edict.
dānapatra (दानपत्र).—n (S) A deed of gift or conveyance.
sammatipatra (संमतिपत्र).—Better written sammata, sammati, sammatipatra. Also for sammata as re...
jayapatra (जयपत्र).—n (S) Record of victory or triumph furnished by the defeated party: (as in ...
Kusa Jataka
Kusa, 1. the kusa grass (Poa cynosuroides) DhA. III, 484: tikhiṇadhāraṃ tiṇaṃ antamaso tālapaṇṇ...
Vahati Kusa
vāhatī kūsa (वाहती कूस).—f (vāhaṇēṃ & kūsa from kukṣi) A term for a womb that has begun to bear...
Patracāraṇa (पत्रचारण) or Patracāraṇariddhi refers to the “powers to walk over leaves” and, cla...
Patralekhā (पत्रलेखा) refers to a type of ornament for the cheeks (gaṇḍa or kapola) to be worn ...
Hastapatra (हस्तपत्र) refers to a type of ornament (ābharaṇa) for the fingers (aṅguli) to ...
vahātīkūsa (वहातीकूस).—f A term for a womb that has begun to bear, a flowing womb.--- OR --- vā...
Śikhipatra (शिखिपत्र) refers to a type of ornament (ābharaṇa) for the ears (karṇa) to be worn b...

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