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The Sanskrit term Kuśalapuṇya can be transliterated into English as Kusalapunya or Kushalapunya, using the IAST transliteration scheme (?).

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Source: Cologne Digital Sanskrit Dictionaries: Edgerton Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit Dictionary

Kuśalapuṇya (कुशलपुण्य).—meritorious deed of virtue, in Mahāvastu i.81.1—2 contrasted with kuśalamūla, but whether the for- mer marks a higher, more developed stage of religious advancement than the latter (as Senart seems to believe), is not clear to me: (ye punar…) bodhisattvā avaivartika- tāyai pariṇāmenti, kin tu khalu teṣām upacita-kuśala- puṇyānāṃ prathamā praṇidhir utpadyati, āho svid upacita-kuśalamūlānām iti.The reply, in verses, first says that worship of Buddhas etc. does not suffice. Then (81.16) te yadā vipula-puṇya-saṃcayā, bhonti bhāvita-śarīra- mānasāḥ; te…bodhaye upajanenti mānasaṃ; yaṃ mayā kuśalamūlam arjitaṃ, tena me bhavatu sarvadarśitā;… (82.3) yaś ca me kuśalamūla-saṃcayo, so mahā bhavatu sarvaprāṇibhiḥ…Is puṇya of 81.16 something else than kuśala-puṇya of 81.1—2? Both it and kuśala-mūla seem, as far as I can tell, to have the same effect in the verses; no clear answer to the question in the prose has been discovered by me.

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