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Source: BuddhaSasana: Concise Pali-English Dictionary

khama : (adj.) forgiving; enduring; bearing. || khamā (f.) tolerance; patience; endurance.

Source: Sutta: The Pali Text Society's Pali-English Dictionary

Khama, (adj.) (fr. kṣam) (a) patient, forgiving. (b) enduring, bearing, hardened to (frost & heat, e.g. ), fit for.—(a) kh. belongs to the lovable attributes of a bhikkhu (kh. rūpānaṃ, saddānaṃ, etc.; indulgent as regards sights, sounds, etc.) A. III, 113=138; the same applied to the king’s horse A. III, 282. Khamā paṭipadā the way of gentleness (and opp. akkhamā), viz. akkosantaṃ na paccakosati “not to shout back at him who shouts at you” A. II, 152 sq.; cp. Nett 77; classified under the four paṭipadā at D. III, 229. In combn. w. vacana of meek, gentle speech, in vattā vacana° a speaker of good & meek words S. I, 63; II, 282; Miln. 380; cp. suvaco khamo A. V, 24 sq. , forgiving: Miln. 207. ‹-› (b) khamo sītassa uṇhassa, etc., enduring frost & heat A. III, 389=V. 132; addhāna° padhāna° (fit for) A. III, 30; ranga°, anuyoga°, vimajjana° M. I, 385.—akkhama (adj.) impatient, intolerant, in combination dubbaca dovacassa karaṇehi dhammehi samannāgata S. II, 204 sq. = A. II, 147 sq. With ref. to rūpa, saddā, etc. (see also above), of an elephant A. III, 156 sq.—D. III, 229; Sdhp. 95. (Page 234)

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Khamā, (f.) (fr. ksam) (a) patience, endurance. (b) the earth (cp. chamā & see khamati) J. IV, 8 (v. l. B. chamāya). (Page 234)

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