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kāyaphaḷa (कायफळ).—n (kaṭaphala S) A small tree, the bark and seed of which are used as aromatics. 2 Kiliorum bark or Cayphul, or wild nutmeg, Myrica sapida. Amongst the facetious gossips of the puerperal chamber three necessary phaḷa (viz. māyaphaḷa gallnut, jāyaphaḷa nutmeg, kāyaphaḷa Kiliorum bark) are thus interpreted:--māyaphaḷa fruit of māyā or the marvelworking power of God, i.e. offspring, a child; next comes (rejoins a gossip) jāyaphaḷa go-away, departing, perishable fruit; then (exclaims a third gossip) kāya phaḷa? What fruit--what advantage?

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary
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