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Source: What is India: Inscriptions of the Śilāhāras

1) Kavaḍegolla was the name of a kholla (territorial division) during the rule of the Śilāhāra dynasty (r. 765-1029 A.D.).—The deśa (administrative unit) was there divided into nāḍas or khollas. Deśas, viṣaya and khollas are sometimes named together with the numbers of the villages comprised in them.

2) Kavaḍegolla is the name of a village mentioned in the “Kolhāpur stone inscription of Gaṇḍarāditya”. Kavaḍegolla, where the Jaina temple of Pārśvanātha was situated in favour of which the dues and taxes were levied, must have been not very far from Kolhāpur; for the gift was made to the Jaina priest Śrutakīrti Traividyadeva of the Rūpanārāyaṇa temple in Kolhāpur. Kavaḍegolla has not yet been identified, but it may be identical with the village Kavaḍegulanda in the Shirol-tālukā of the Kolhāpur District.

This stone inscription (mentioning Kavaḍegolla) is on the right side of the temple of the Jaina Tīrthaṅkara Pārśvanātha near the former Śukravāra gate of Kolhāpur. It records certain taxes and dues levied by the Trading Corporation of the Vīra-Baṇañjas and certain merchants and representatives of towns. It is dated on the fifth tithi of the dark fortnight of Kārttika in the Śaka year 1058, the cyclic year being Rākṣasa.

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