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karōṭa hōṇēṃ (करोट होणें).—g. of s. (A vulgar phrase from kāraṭa) To die, i.e. to become the subject of funeral solemnities.

Source: DDSA: The Molesworth Marathi and English Dictionary
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Marathi is an Indo-European language having over 70 million native speakers people in (predominantly) Maharashtra India. Marathi, like many other Indo-Aryan languages, evolved from early forms of Prakrit, which itself is a subset of Sanskrit, one of the most ancient languages of the world.

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Karoṭa (करोट).—(m. or nt.; compare next; = Sanskrit and Pali karoṭi, cup, basin, also skull), l...
hōṇēṃ (होणें).—v i Become; be. Come to pass. Be finished; be done. hōuna jāṇēṃ Pass or go near ...
Karoṭapāṇi (करोटपाणि).—m. (in Pali karoṭi, same meaning, Jāt. i.204.3), n. of a class of yakṣas...
Khunta Honem
khuṇṭa hōṇēṃ (खुंट होणें).—(To be a stump or stake.) To sit in sulky silence and stillness. khu...
nakō-nakō-hōṇēṃ (नको-नको-होणें).—ad A particle of prohibition-No! don't! forbear! nakō nakō hōṇ...
Karoṭatantra (करोटतन्त्र) or simply Karoṭa refers to one of the twenty Bhūtatantras, belonging ...
Kha0 Barabara Honem
khā0 barābara hōṇēṃ (खा0 बराबर होणें).—g. of s. To have one's winnings and losses, profits and ...
Mri0 Honem
mṛ0 hōṇēṃ (मृ0 होणें).—g. of s. To be reduced to dust; to be destroyed, spoiled, consumed, spen...
tiḷapāpaḍa-hōṇēṃ (तिळपापड-होणें).—To become violently enraged.
Gata Honem
gata hōṇēṃ (गत होणें).—To elapse or pass by--time. 2 To be departed (from this world).
nāhīṃsā-hōṇēṃ (नाहींसा-होणें).—To be as not; to be lost, destroyed.
kāṇṭyācā-nāyaṭā-hōṇēṃ (कांट्याचा-नायटा-होणें).—Great mischief done apparently by a very triflin...
Ekara Janem-Honem
ēkāra jāṇēṃ-hōṇēṃ (एकार जाणें-होणें).—a beast: to topple forward or lie over more gen. ē0 basaṇ...
kēḍyāsa-kāpūra-hōṇēṃ (केड्यास-कापूर-होणें).—Said when a precious commodity sells at a mean pric...
Bhayambhayam Honem
bhayāmbhayāṃ hōṇēṃ (भयांभयां होणें).—To be in the uttermost destitution and hopelessness.

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