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Theravada (major branch of Buddhism)

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Source: Pali Kanon: Pali Proper Names

1. Kappina Sutta - Maha Kappina visits the Buddha who, seeing him from afar, tells the monks that Maha Kappina is highly gifted and of wondrous power, a gifted preacher and radiant; one of those who bad gained the object of renunciation. The Buddha proceeds to say how one, clothed in wisdom and virtue, is best among beings, and how the Noble One is best of shining objects in that he shines always (S.ii.284). The verses of this sutta are also quoted elsewhere. E.g., D.iii.98; Dh.vs.387.

2. Kappina Sutta - The Buddha sees Maha Kappina sitting cross legged, with body erect, and mindful. He points him out to the monks, telling them that he can sit thus without shaking or wavering of his body because he has developed concentration on breathing. S.v.315f.

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Theravāda is a major branch of Buddhism having the the Pali canon (tipitaka) as their canonical literature, which includes the vinaya-pitaka (monastic rules), the sutta-pitaka (Buddhist sermons) and the abhidhamma-pitaka (philosophy and psychology).

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