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Kāntidāyaka (कान्तिदायक).—a. adorning.

Kāntidāyaka is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the terms kānti and dāyaka (दायक). See also (synonyms): kāntida, kāntidāyin.

Source: DDSA: The practical Sanskrit-English dictionary
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Kānti (कान्ति).—A city in ancient India. (Mahābhārata Bhīṣma Parva, Chapter 9, Verse 40).
Dāyaka (दायक).—a. (-yīkā f.) [दा-ण्वुल् (dā-ṇvul)] Giving, granting, bestowing, &c. (at the end...
Candrakānti (चन्द्रकान्ति).—f. moon-light. -n. silver. Derivable forms: candrakāntiḥ (चन्द्रकान...
Sūryakānti (सूर्यकान्ति).—f. 1) sun-light. 2) a particular flower. 3) the flower of sesamum. Sū...
Kāntibhṛt (कान्तिभृत्).—mfn. (-bhṛt) 1. Handsome, beautiful. 2. Bright, shining. E. kānti, and ...
Uttaradāyaka (उत्तरदायक).—mfn. (-kaḥ-kā-kaṃ) Replying, answering. E. uttara and dāyaka a giver.
Kāntikara (कान्तिकर).—mfn. (-raḥ-rī-raṃ) Beautifying, illumining, making handsome or splendid. ...
Mandakānti (मन्दकान्ति).—m. (-ntiḥ) The moon.
Kāntipura (कान्तिपुर) is the ancient name of Kathmandu, where to the north-east thereof is situ...
Kāntida (कान्तिद).—a. beautifying, adorning. (-dam) 1 bile. 2) clarified butter. Kāntida is a S...
Kāntidāyin (कान्तिदायिन्).—a. adorning. Kāntidāyin is a Sanskrit compound consisting of the ter...
Sukhadāyaka (सुखदायक).—a. giving pleasure, pleasant. Sukhadāyaka is a Sanskrit compound consist...
Bhaktadāyaka (भक्तदायक).—a. supporter, maintainer. Bhaktadāyaka is a Sanskrit compound consisti...
Kāntitīrtha (कान्तितीर्थ) is the name of a Tīrtha (sacred bathing place) that is associated wit...
Prāṇadāyaka (प्राणदायक).—a. restoring or saving life. Prāṇadāyaka is a Sanskrit compound consis...

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